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Weird Vintage Christmas Cards

I’ve selected 10 weird vintage Christmas Cards and changed them a bit for this post. All of them had some creepy food on them. Also guillotines. So, I played around a bit with these cards and added contemporary food-fail memes instead of their original dishes but it didn’t make a lot of difference – both are freaky.

1. Christmas Guillotine

Here’s the guillotine one. Where to begin?

Why is there a Jester giving this baby-looking man his last meal on a guillotine? How is the baby-man going to eat his guillotine breakfast? His hands seem to be too far away. This Christmas card is from the late 1800 and I think it represents a nostalgic feeling towards the past filled with public executions that were an exciting event everyone was looking forward to!

Bonus images: The original one and the one with a giant ramen sandwich

2. Weird Vintage Christmas Cards – Kill The Santa!

Well, it’s an ugly Christmas cake.

Bonus images: The original one and the one with a weird Monsters, Inc. kiwi on it.

3. Unhappy Kid in a Tea Pot Wishing You a Merry Chrismas

I didn’t feel the need to add anything to this card. It’s just… Wtf

4. The Angels are Celebrating Christmas With a Giant Zombie Chocolate Chip Cookie

The one in the back has a giant muffin on his head. I think these children/angels are drunk. Maybe hallucinating of rolling a giant chocolate chip cookie.

5. Evil Snowman Made of Whip Cream is Going to Kill You

The only explanation for this Christmas card is that you would give it to your child that did some horrible things in the past year. Like killed his grandma because she wouldn’t give him ice cream.

Bonus images: The original one and the one with the evil cupcake.

6. The Feast – Mice Eating the Cat

I have a feeling the person who made this card is an ancestor of Ted Bundy or something.

7. Evil Cookie and Mr Bacon Kidnapping a Chef

I think they are going to cook her. Merry Christmas!

8. Drunk Meatball/Cookie with Knife and Fork in His Body is Wishing You a Merry Christmas

It’s also a zombie.

9. Baby Jesus Cake on a Bed of French Fries Christmas Card

I wonder if the fries are salty of sweet.

10. Snowman Cake Christmas Giving

Be Merry.

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