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Weird Food Products – Would You Eat These?

We present to you a small collection of weird food products. Some of them are made up and some of them can be found in your local stores. The funny thing is, you can’t tell the difference, because they are equally absurd.

1. Pickled Hair

Yes, you read it correctly. It’s Pickled Hair, Brown. Is this a real product or not? It may be true: just look at this jam made with some of Princess Diana’s hair. If that’s real, why can’t this be?

2. Roadkill Summer Sausage

What a great business idea. You just take what nature gives you by accident. Why leave it all to the vultures?

3. Gorilla Milk

Ok, it’s gorilla’s milk, and it’s pink.

4. Snake Soup

It seems nutritious, with three kinds of snake meat.

5. Ugly Justin Bieber Cake

6. Only Puke Food Product

I don’t know what this is. It looks like some sort of amorph crackers or cereals. Maybe it’s for people who like to eat… puke products. If some of you puke-lovers are reading this, please contact me! I would love to meat you 😀

7. Pet Sweat Drink

You have a drinking problem? Yes you do, if you drink Pet Sweat. Did you know that dogs only sweat through their paws? Do you have any idea how much dog energy is needed to produce just one bottle of Pet Sweat juice? Hundreds of thousands of dogs suffer because of your drinking problem. Yes, you heard it, mister (mistress)!

8. Placenta Tea

Placenta tea? No thanks.

9. Bird’s Nest Drink

Here’s another drink for animal molesters. So, what would you like, Pet Sweat or Bird’s Nest Drink?

10. Grass Soda

Refreshing, tick-free Grass Soda.

So, would you try any of these? Please tell us in the comments.

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