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Food Art The Dark Side Picdump – 10 Food memes that will make your day

1. Microplastic commercial

Picture from the future, one hundred years from now – no fish, just microplastic.

I can’t wait!

2. Plastic Sandwich Sneakers

After you eat your microplastic meal you can get in your plastic sandwich-sneakers and head out while boomers cry from envy but pretend to judge you.

3. Romantic Date – Eating Hot-Dog Sushi on a Lake

Plain hot dog sushi for two. You don’t even need two hot dogs, you can split one in half and save money! The lake is not so great neither.

4. Ice Cream Pic vs Reality

We all know ice creams that act like this! Good think they will be soon made out of microplastic so what you see is what you get.

5. Empty Pizza Revenge

6. Hot Dog in a Heart

Perfect picture to send to your crush 🙂

7. Foot Fetish Excited Egg

Another one for your crush, if you are one of those people that like feet.

8. Booger Cake

9. Expressionism Hot Dog

10. Minced Meat Patrick the Star

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