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Ugly cookies, disturbing cookies, cursed cookies. I made a collection of ten of the ugliest cookies I could find.

1. Easter Island Moai – Big Mouth Cookie

I guess you all heard of those big scary-looking head statues on Easter Island. They were sacred objects with MAGICAL powers. I don’t know what the magical powers were but I guess it was something terrifying and intimidating. I think this cookie replica depicts really good the shiver you should feel in front of those giant stone heads.

KIss me before you eat me

2. Yaranaika Biscuit

Uh oh, hot guy!

You want to impress the guy you like, you make him these cookies. Subliminal messages are strong, he’ll immediately connect you with the sexy face cookies. Nice. Biscuits that will put your man in the mood for love.

3. Mad Little Cookie

If you want to break up the guy you seduced with Yaranaika Biscuits (cookies number 2), here’s another cookie! This one says – It’s time for my mental institution time! He’ll run away for sure <3

4. Before and After Make Up

Everything looks nicer under the makeup?

5. Cookie With a Nice Hairstyle

6. His Bald Brother

7. I’m Here Just for the Cookie Butt

8. Ugly Cookies – Bald Fat Angel Cookie

that looks like Kevin Malone from the Office

9. Cookies That Look Like Poop

Don’t you hate all those kids your child keeps bringing to YOUR house? Make them these cookies and they’ll never come again. Or you become their favorite person in the whole world cause… kids are strange and they love poop-shaped things for some reason. Just google “poop toys” if you are not acquainted with the phenomenon. Or check out this poop toys collection xD

10. Kamasutra Cookies

I tried to find where this meme originated from, and I made it! There are these cookie cutters you can buy and impress the part of mankind you hopefully have contact with. You can find them here, and there are a lot more poses to browse from.

Also, I found this cool mold too 😀

You can find it here.

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