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1. This Barbie is a Bulgarian Prom Queen Cake

“This Barbie” Memes are a bit different. They are Barbies trapped in cakes. Never heard of it? We had them at every birthday party in the Balkans. We also wore curious prom dresses.

If you’re not from around Easter Europe, you may not know the heights of fashion you can see on prom nights. You should plan your trip around the end of June and make sure you stand in a crowd and admire heavenly dresses. Here, I found some examples for you.

Mix a prom dress, a cake, and a Barbie, and you get a perfect cake!

2. Crepes Barbie

Crepes Barbie is a little bit more popular in Russia. I don’t know if it’s part of some weird fetish where you undress your Barbie and eat the crepes. Who knows.

3. This Barbie is a Cake Stripper!

This Barbie is not an Orthodox Christian from Eastern Europe, I’m sure!!!

4. This Barbie is Lady Gaga in a Meat Dress

You sure remember when Lady Gaga wore a meat dress once. This is her in Barbie form. Success!

5. This Barbie is Pregnant

Another successful Barbie here.

6. This Barbie is Richer Than You

This Barbie memes got luxurious.

7. This Barbie is a Sarma Barbie

Give the person who made this a medal. I’m sure it was the best party where this Barbie appeared.

8. He’s Just Ken

Nothing to say here. He may have a hidden gigolo life, but who knows? The important thing is he has the money to get Barbie to a date!

9. He’s Just Ken

Is Ken living a double life? Who’s David? Hm?

10. He’s Just Ken Meme

Nothing interesting to see here. Ken has to earn for his Barbie, no questions asked.

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