Sexually Awkward Food Products

Weird and Sexually Awkward Food Products From Around the World

If you ever wondered what kind of food you should serve your guests on your ironic sexually awkward parties here’s a list for you!

Get some Jonh Waters early movies, make dinner with pasta (#6 and #7 from the list), use the sauce from #10, open the snacks and the fun can begin! ?

For example, who wouldn’t want to go to a party and gargle some (drumroll):

1. Magical Penis Wine From China

Produced under the supervision of Beijing Medical University! This Magical wine is as safe as your non-magical, boring wine.

Magical Penis Wine sexually awkward drink


2. Megapussi, From Finland With Love

Megapussi chips with sexually awkward food name

3. Jussipussi

Also from Finland.

Jussipussi bread funny weird sexually awkward food

4. Soup for Sluts

Soup for sluts noodles with funny translation

5. Frozen Rape Leaf

Another funny name for spinach

6. Sexually Awkward Food – For Men

Boobs shaped sexually awkward pasta

7. For Ladies

Increases in SIZE when cooked, unlike the real ones.

Penis shaped pasta weird food product

8. Dick Sticks

Just the way your grandma used to make ’em.

Dick sticks sexually awkward snack

9. Grilled Sexual Harassment

Grilled Sexual Harassment Food
With 20% less fat than fried sexual assaults.

10. Anal Angst Hot Sauce

For the end, my favorite one! I would definitely buy this sauce and always have it in my fridge for sudden sexually awkward parties.

Anal Angst Hot and Sexually Awkward Sauce

Ok, you are now equipped with the knowledge of the products you need for your ironic or unironic sexually awkward parties.

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