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A collection of 10 “If 2020 Was Food” memes. Horrible year, horrible food.

1. If 2020 Was Your Birthday Cake

An explanation of this picture. Where I live this type of candles are placed near the head of dead people before the funeral. And the cake is made of macaroni which stands in this shape by witchcraft I guess. Or it’s superglued.

Update: A friend told me that these macaroni were probably cooked and then left to settle in the pot for a long time, and then extracted as a one big gooey piece.

2. If 2020 was a Donut

The mayonnaise is probably expired. At least the person making your donut is wearing gloves.

3. Eggs Turning Into Hitler

You know this year has turned on a quite serious path when eggs started hatching little Hitlers instead of chickens. There are just a few of those eggs in the world but the forces of evil will be stronger as the number of infected with coronavirus rises so we expect the heads to grow bodies and learn German. And then we are all screwed. Except for the Germans (blonde ones). Maybe. A lot of them park their cars on Hitler’s grave now, so those will be punished.

4. Apples Turning Into Onions

Just imagine that feeling when you bite your apple and you get this.

5. 2020 as a Watermelon

With seeds, without watermelon.

6. If 2020 was a Cereal

I wonder if smokers would like this. Please tell us if you do.

7. 2020 – Cockroach Coffee

Kafka’s The Metamorphosis – 2020. Gregor Samsa is now officially in your coffee. So you are consuming cockroach and human flavored coffee at the same time. I think there are some Titanic wrecks in there too, as well as ice.

8. Hot Dog Tea. Oh No!

You get the tea and you get hot dogs. Maybe this is not such a big fail.

9. If 2020 was Food – Evil Cake

“I took your grandpa’s teeth after I killed him!”

10. Cursed 2020 Jell-o

“I took the teeth of all of your ancestors and made this! And I killed them too in the past so you don’t exist now!”

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