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Not just horror movies steaming hot pizza screams memes! We’ve got some Harry Potter (when Sirius died) screams, Beyoncé, Dwayne Johnson, Kim Kardashian, etc. Enjoy!

1. This Hurts Siriusly

Three slices for Gryffindor!

2. Hot Pizza Rolls Screams

Hurts just like regular hot pizza.

3. Midsommar Hot Pizza Screams

4. Beyonce Screaming Because of Hot Pizza

5. Horror Movie Screams but With Steaming Hot Pizza

6. Dwayne Johnson Screams Because of Hot Pizza

Even the toughest of humans scream in front of this deadly weapon.

7. Kim Kardashian Cries Because of Hot Pizza

Marilyn Burns got Burned by Hot Pizza

How ironic it is her last name is Burns.
This and the next picture were made by Nate. You can find more of his photoshopped hot pizza horror movie screams here.

9. Hot Pizza Scream From Saw II

10. Hot Pizza Screams From Old Horror Movies

Hope you enjoyed our hot pizza screams memes compilation. If you did, we recommend another horrorish article – If 2020 Was Food.

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