Hot Dog Legs – The Best Of

Hot Dog Legs – The Best Of

Hot dog legs were a trend back in 2013 but in my opinion they should had never gotten out of fashion.

I picked out the best pictures I could find and I must say I got the inspiration for making some new hot dog or legs images. I was thinking something like Hot Dog Legs visiting video games or traveling to some TV shows or historical events just laying around, chilling, sunbathing, watching Hitler’s speech or whatever.

Until then, enjoy these cool images.

Test yourself while you watch – are those hot dogs, or just ordinary hot legs?

1. Basic Hot Dogs or Legs Pack

Just some legs on sun. Except for the second image. It’s my favorite!

2. Hot Dogs or Legs – Men Edition

This is really suspicious. I think those are not hot dogs. Those buns seem like a decoy.


3. Hot Dog Legs by the Fire

You’ll know for sure are those real legs when you smell them when they are really near the fire. You push them there alright. Hope they are hot dogs!

4. Really Nice Legs!

Lady, where did you buy those legs? I want them so bad! Who’s the doctor that does this kind of transplants? Please, if you know one, let me know!

5. Can You Tell the Difference?

This man is smart. He doesn’t need shoes. He could get a job in a circus any time he wants. He’ll never be homeless or hungry with his circus salary. Of course, he would be so famous, even his freakformity wouldn’t stop women from wanting a piece of him. Happy guy, happy life.


6. These are Hot Dogs. They Just Fell on a Carpet and got all Hairy From the Hair That was on a Carpet.

Fun fact: Every carpet has toe nails and hair. This is scientifically proven fact. Source: Dr. PhD Md. et al.

7. Fine Woman Eating a Hot Dog

It’s really tasty.

8. Hot Dog Legs Exploring the World

9. Something’s Wrong With These Legs :/

10. Grandpa Legs Made of Hot Dogs


For the end, here’s a great video quiz to test your ability to tell the difference between hot dogs and legs.

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