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Gordon Ramsay Memes fresh collection. It’s all there – the yelling, the middle finger, the absolutely absurd meals! Ketchup in coffee? Yes.

1. Pizza for Psychopaths

Pizza with bananas and some sort of baby fish? Did your parents bring you to this world in order to bring this much suffering to this poor man?

2. Ketchup in Coffee

We all know someone who puts a lot of ketchup on everything he/she eats. Some would say these people have ketchup instead of blood.

And someone else would say they belong to a group of genetically modified vampires that drink ketchup to keep their blood cells in life. So, now we have this. Ketchup in coffee. No wonder the world is about to end.

Support to Gordon Ramsey for reacting like this to this sacrilege! And death to pussy neo-capitalist vampires who buy their cheap ketchup instead of drinking real blood like their glorious ancestors!

3. Spaghetti with Nutella

No wonder Gordon Ramsey is pissed with this.

4. Hot Dog Tea – Gordon Ramsey Memes

Ah, yikes. I wonder if this man survived this experiment. He should have drunk delicious pickle juice.

5. How To Make Paw Print Cookies

Perfections requires sacrifices.

6. Ever Wondered What Do Molested Egg Sound Like?

If you are practicing mindfulness next time you eat eggs concentrate on the sound your egg makes when you molest it. I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience. I’m already laughing!

7. Angel Hair Pasta Meme

Just imagine this in your mouth. Mindfulness now. Practice it all the time.

8. Another Version Of Sweet Spaghetti

C.S. posted this in Food Art The Dark Side group on Facebook.

She got a lot of advice on how to handle the situation.
Break up with him.
Don’t you mean your ex-boyfriend?
“Find an exorcist. Now.”

What would you say to her??

9. Reverse Bolognese

This is not how you human.

10. A Classic For The End

Pineapple on pizza is a classic for haters of strange food combination. Would Gordon Ramsey react like this?

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