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Froggy Bread Collection

Froggy bread making is a new trend amongst creative youth and those who feel like it.

I must say that every one of these cute bread melts my heart no matter how awful they look.

I spent a few hours on Instagram and TikTok watching frog bread videos and I screenshotted the most wonderful ones.

In addition, I recommend you to check out Russian hashtag #хлебнаяжаба on TikTok. They have a lot of great frog bread videos and really good soundtracks for them!

Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did!

Make froggy breadies, not war!

1. Sleepy Beauty

2. Froggy Contemplating Deep Philosophical Questions

3. The Process of Becoming Me :3

4. Beauty has No Limits

5. No Flies, 1/10, Horrible Restaurant!

6. One Nice Looking Froggy

7. I’m Such a Cutie!

8. I may Have Been Overrun by a Car

9. Awww

10. Who’s Cuter Than Me? Will You Kiss Me?

11. Pwease Don’t Kill Me Siw

12. That’s not Blood on Me, I Swear! That’s Not My Cleaver!

13. Serotonin Booster

14. Grandpa Bready :3

15. The Most Beautifulest Smile :3

16. Melted Both our Hearts and Himself

17. This Man is My Idol!

18. Hmmm?

19. Just Casually Catching My Flies

20. Frog Prince is Here!

Here you can check out the best TikTok videos of Froggy Bread:
Green Frog, Granpa Frog, Frog from No17.
You can make Froggy Bread too!
Here you can find the recipe so you’ll make your own wonderful little froggy!
Make sure you send us photos/videos when you do!

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