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Food that looks like butts

Have you been blessed some time in your life with food that looks like butts?

We hope you have, and if you haven’t, pay attention next time you buy mushrooms, onions or pears, you may get lucky!

For now, enjoy this collection of butt looking foods.

1. Sexy Pear

2. Mushroom Butt in Nature

So wild and untamed… Sexy butt mushroom just showing itself!

3. Garlic Butt

Yes, this looks like butt too.

4. Mushroom With Butt and Legs – Food That Looks Like Butts

5. Your Onion Butt Makes me Cry

6. Another Sexy Pear Butt, With Tattoo

7. Big Mushroom Butt Laying in The Yard

8. Double Yolk

Looks like butts!

9. Unwanted Poop Problems

It’s somehow butt related!

10. Nice Onion That Looks Like a Butt

11. Mushroom Butt Alone and Sad

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