Food Shaped Like Boobs

Why eat regular food when you can make it interestingly booby-shaped? We are always making your life easier, this time by giving you food shaped like boobs collection of memes. You can easily make these erotic dishes at your home!

1. Boobs-Shaped Mashed Potato

Transform your beans meal into a sensual delight that brings you back to your childhood when you were happy.

Mashed potato shaped boobs

2. Potatoes That Look Like Boobs

Don’t worry, you don’t need potatoes like this to make boob-shaped mashed potatoes.

Potatoes that look like boobs

3. Boobs That Look Like Mozzarella Cheese

Now every time you buy mozzarella you’ll have something nice to think about (boobs).

Boobs that look like mozzarella

4. Eggs Shaped Like Boobs

This is a little harder to make at home, but, hey, those who really want it shall find a way, and those who don’t will find an excuse.

Eggs shaped like boobs

5. Cupcakes Shaped Like Boobs

This is just a work of art.

Cupcakes shaped like boobs

6. Boobs-Shaped Marshmallow

If you google this product you’ll find out that you can find them in Poundland at the kid’s shelves.

Boobs shaped ice cream

7. Boobies Cake

Boobies, a bottle of beer between breasts, and a subtle symbol – a white foam coming out of the bottle. Ah, the art!


8. Sweet Boob Buns


9. Boobs in Coffee

A work of God, destiny, or a very talented barista?

10. Boobs With Milk Cake

My favorite.


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