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Food memes I chose for this Tuesday. I decided I’ll put the winner meme in a shiny heart frame. I think it’s some kind of portal to the eternal world where it can live among Plato’s ideas. Or something.

1. Pumpkin Cat

Remember Cartman’s Kitty from South Park? Well, someone carved it in a pumpkin. May it live forever in this eternal lovely heart frame. Amen.

2. Creepy Teeth Cookie

Someone really put an effort into this. I’m not sure if it’s edible. The teeth look like they are made of pineapple. Gums are maybe made of ketchup? The eye is definitely from a cloned tiny dinosaur. That dinosaur now has only one eye and lives in Kosovo. He works in a car wash and he loves his job. This is the actual reason why NATO bombed Yugoslavia – to make a secret off-shore laboratory for dinosaur-cloning purposes.

No, I don’t have a history of schizophrenia in my family.

3. Boy’s Face Trapped in a Goulash

You may feel sorry for this boy, but he sinned a lot!!! Gods decided to trap his spirit in the worst goulashes of the world and one man that ate one of those goulashes (in Romania) saw him. The sinful boy managed to emerge his consciousness from a goulash somehow, to try to get some pity from the living but I warn you – don’t get fooled. You just keep eating your goulash carrots and horrible potatoes. And remain on the path of righteousness so you don’t end up in a goulash like Dragan here.

4. Face on a Pizza

Can we ever hope to understand the human urge to put faces on the things they eat? Here’s a mix of human and dog faces. Maybe even a panda face. Are these some remains of the cannibalistic urges of early members of our species? If someone knows the answer to this, I would be glad to do an interview.

5. Creative Pizza Box

You can invite this pizza box to your wedding. So classy. SO. FOXY.

6. Food Memes – Creative Peanut Butter on Bread

With thirteen olives. People, please stop making these, it’s getting crowded in Hell.

7. Moldy, old Patty

Would the French eat this? If you are French, please reply.

8. Egg Face

Looks like my Grandma.

9. Moldy Bread

The French would totally eat this.

10. Sad Orange Panda

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