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Follow me for More Recipes – Hot Dog

10 pictures of cool hot dog meal ideas. If you are off the budget for this month you can follow us for these delicious hot dog recipes! Here’s our Facebook page if you are interested. But of course you are.

1. Seafood for the Poor

With macaroni.

2. Chocolate Hot Dog

You want something sweet? No money for the entire chocolate? Why don’t you try the chocolate hot dog? You’ll have two things at once, lunch and a dessert.

3. Hot Dog Water Jello

It’s your wedding but you are mentally disturbed or don’t have the money for the wedding cake? This looks like a wedding cake.

4. Corn Dog With Real Corn

You have all the time on the world and nothing to do? Here’s an idea. You buy corn, you pluck out every kernel and then you poke each one of it into a hot dog. You jam them very deep so when you boil this corn dog they don’t fall out. Your time problems are now solved!

5. Bean Dog Colada

During the year that resembles the theater of the absurd you can make this drink and imagine you are on the beach.

6. Another Version of Corn Dogs

Simple version of corn dogs, for those who don’t plan to live to be 3000 years old.

7. Three Types of Hot Dog

Which one do you hate the least?

8. An Evil Hot Dog Recipe From “Follow me for More Recipes” Edition

We totally understand if you had someone in your life that you hate so much you would do this to them.

9. Chilly Cheese Dog

To make your friends laugh

10. Romantic Hot Dog

It’s romantic and you can eat it after you give it to the love of your life!

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