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Follow me for more recipes should be fun and easy to recreate recipe memes. However, here you can find cursed and a little bit more complicated edition of this meme. You’ll be going to need some skills to remake this delicious nutritious food. So, let’s take a look at them!

Have you ever thought it would be cool to have a stove that you can carry easily wherever you go? Well, this is a brilliant solution for you! That “stove” is something that has been in existence for a long time now and you didn’t realize what it actually was! I’m sure you saw it hundreds of times.

1. Hot Dogs Baked on an Iron

So, for this recipe you’re going to need an iron. You’ll have to work hard to buy it, so that is the first obstacle. Then, you are going to have to jam the handle of the iron in some way so the iron sticks without moving for your hot dogs to get baked! I recommend greasing the iron so your hot dogs don’t burn. Bon appetite!

2. Gam Gam’s Hot Banana Water

Like you see from the picture, you’re going to need 6 quarts of water and 12 banana peels. You boil all of that, drink, and remember happy times you spent with your granny ?

3. Peeled Boiled Hot Dogs

It takes some skill to peel boiled hot hot dogs, but with a little effort you can have your plate just like in the picture below!

4. Virus/Bacteria Looking Hot Dog and Spaghetti

You can make this if you stab your hot dog several times with uncooked spaghetti and then boil them together. The more spaghetti the merrier!

5. Shaved and Cursed Strawberry

If you want to be a copycat of this recipe, probably by a serial killer, you can imagine how the recipe goes. One knife, one strawberry, and you gently remove its cute skin. ?

6. Deep-Fried Oreos

You buy a bunch of Oreos, beat a few eggs. After that, you dip your Oreos one by one in eggs and then in flour… Fry it in hot oil and lose all your friends if you throw a party and give them this for snacks. If you had any friends to begin with.

7. Fish for Beginners

100% vegan gluten-free organic raw dark chocolate no milk

8. Nutella and Noodles Sandwich

With one pack of noodles you would have the material for 20 of this sandwiches.

9. Zero Waste Jurney Begins Today!

Hm, gluten coffee? Who would’ve it thought to use pasta water for making a coffee? No harm in trying.

10. Doritos Soup

You can make it sweet or salty. Not sure if there’s a sweet soup but – now there is. You can make your Doritos soup with any kind of soft drink you like or with regular chicken soup. Just pour the selected fluid onto your Doritos and enjoy your meal!

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