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The human nature is capable of turning beautiful eggs into disgusting pieces of food. Yes. In this article, we present you with ten awful recipes with eggs.

These recipes are pretty self-explanatory. If you are not one of these people:

1. Deep Fried Boiled Eggs

If you know how to cook eggs, the rest isn’t so hard. You just roll your cooked eggs in some bread crumbs and… beaten eggs. And then you fry them. Not in motor oil, like some people.

2. Spam-Egg Fried Rectangles

Ideal for people with OCD that prevents them from eating irregular-shaped food.

3. Eggs and Beans Pizza

Here’s a simple thought. If you don’t know how to make pizza from scratch, you buy frozen pizza, remove all the toppings and put beans and eggs on top. Then you bake them. And then you die alone.

4. Dessert?

This is either cocoa flakes or sausage in milk with egg. You can make both versions and tell us which one is better.

5. Eggs in Bed

6. Another Dessert of a Sicko

Don unfren this person.

7. Egg Fried on a Human Leg

You can do this only if you are hot (over 9.8/10)

8. Tea With the Taste of Egg

This is a new sort of nutritious tea. You have macaroni leftover water filled with vitamins and calcium from the egg shell. However, if you are a normal human being, you would just drink tea that doesn’t smell like eggs.

9. Egg and Sardines… Yikes

Make sure your pickles are really old, for that special aroma. But make sure that they are really, really old and smelly. And they can be a little soft and wiggly.

10. Banana Peals and Eggs Cake

We wrote a detailed instruction on how to make this cake. There’s even a video for that so it’s even easier for your family to leave you or put you in some kind of institution 😀

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