Buy me a house and get your name tattooed on my butt ($340,000)

340.000 $



Help me by giving me my own home so I can write these disgusting posts full-time. I need peace and the neighboring families are really loud. My cats have PTSDs, all 3 of them!

In return, you will get:

  • Your name tattooed on my butt (the name is limited to 40 characters, titles included)
  • Three infinities of prayers to the Gods of Cursed Food performed by an apostate Christian theologian.
  • My gratitude for 17 eternities (I will dream of you, probably every other night or so even after the heat death of the universe).
  • A t-shirt made out of cat hair that says “don’t ask me how I got this t-shirt, but it did cost a bit too much”

If you hate PayPal and other centralized sharks, you can also show your support with crypto. Just contact us as well to receive your reward because we don't have notifications enabled on crypto wallets.

BTC address: 32sACv2dqw2crCoYXArcvs5F1JMC87LHVo

ETH/ERC20 address: 0x1cbEbF73596d17DBef7061f45837545Ca1AE93bC


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