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Here are some cursed food memes that will disgust and disturb you.
You thought PedEgg and spaghetti had nothing in common? Did you know that there’s a Snickers in human form? An egg can’t possibly know all your secrets? There’s a post-postmodern art? You never dreamed of making a vow to friendship with your feet, peanut butter and jelly? We warn you, be careful who you choose for your BFF – because you are going to have to lick that peanut butter off of their feet!

1. Snickers Teeth

Deep in the heart of Africa, there was a man who loved Snickers too much. There was just one little problem… An airplane with Snickers didn’t come often there. The poor man had to bundle up on Snickers and eat it for years, even after it had expired. That gave him stomach cramps, his wife left him because he wouldn’t eat her soup, and all the money was saved for that one time in 10 years when a Snickers airplane comes. He could not continue living like that. So, obviously, he sold his soul to a witch and she turned him into a Snickers bar. Ever since he’s constantly feeling his lovely Snickersness. He is engulfed in his own yumminess. He is simply loving himself… So hard! Better than psychotherapy?

2. Postmodern Art

3. Post-Postmodern Art

4. A Short Jurney of Five Fingernail Friends

5. Ped Egg is in Fact a Kitchen Tool

You see, it all makes sense now!


The ritual isn’t complete unless you lick all of that off of your friend’s foot to prove your loyalty and your friendship! It’s a memory that never fades and a constant reminder that you would do anything for your friend’s sake! After The Legendary Ritual of Ultimate Friendship of Infinity, nothing will ever be the same. You will become nothing. And everything. But mostly nothing. But maybe everything. Or something in between. Dunno, ask Hegel. For step-by-step instructions on how to summon Hegel, bookmark this website, and pray for more posts.

7. A Short Instruction on how to Make Your Cursed Avocado Skulls

Do this if you hate your family and you want to scare them by hiding these super cursed skulls around the house!

8. Cursed Sandwich

This is just an ordinary cursed sandwich.

9. Cursed Hello Kitty Cake

This is really hard core. If this Hello Kitty Cake was alive I would fear for mankind.

10. All Seeing Cursed Egg That saw you Masturbate

I mean, you clearly see that this egg knows everything. It’s just a miracle of nature.

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