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Cursed Cakes Pictures Compilation!

Why have a normal birthday party? Make your own ugly and disturbing cake 🙂

1. Cake That Looks Like Your Local Pedophile

A face that haunted your nightmares when you were little, waiting in front of the kindergarten. You were lucky because you had your grandmother to protect you and teach you who not to trust! Make this archetypal cake and fill your life with fear or just use it for educational purposes and teach your children not to go anywhere with strangers, especially if they look this cursed!

ugly man cake

2. Cigarettes Cake

If you love your cigarette’s smoking friend you know what to do next:

cigarette ash cake

3. Want Some Nightmares? Here’s a Homer – Pikachu Pokémon Cake

I can see it took a lot of effort to make this masterpiece. I just wonder – how did this story start and how did it come to the point that a person makes… this?

4. Monster From The X-Files Cake

The Flukeman cake is out there somewhere.

5. Live Laugh Love Cake

We all know those Live Laugh Love people… Imagine if you gave them this cake. I can see their heart attack already 😀

Live Laugh Love cake

6. Creepy Train Cake

This cake makes me want to call my mommy 🙁

creepy train cake

7. Gray Cake

Concrete cake?


8. Psychopath ate this cake

Relationship black flags. Just disturbing.


9. Poopy Butthole Cake?

No, just, no.

butt cake

10. Cursed Cakes Pictures – Cursed Dog Cake

Would you really eat this scary-looking dog cake? Where are his hind legs? Why is he looking at you like he knows all of your secrets and the deepest, scariest desires of your soul on its way to hell?

cursed dog cake

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