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Communist Cakes Memes Collection

Communist Cakes Memes for your pleasure!

If you have a communist friend I’m sure they would be happy if for their birthday they get a communist cake! In this article, there are 17 cake ideas that feature Stalin, Marx, Lenin, glorious SSSR and of course, Kim Jong-un.

1. Pink Fantasy Stalin

Dreamy and creamy, just like the idea of communism.

2. Karl Marx Wishes You A Happy Birthday

“But mom, I’m not a communist! Yes, I always wear this red t-shirt but… Why did you make me this shitty cake, mom? What the hell, is this even a cake-colored cake? And why is the cake melting? Heck, are those squirrel turds on the edges? But Marx is kind of a cutie-pie so here’s a subtle smirk.”

3. SSSR Cheesecake Is Ready ☭!

Mmm, pineapple hammer and sickle. Cue the SSSR national anthem.

4. You Can Use Communist Cakes To Annoy Your Family!

For bonus annoying points you should put Marx’ Das Kapital inside the cake. Since the book is really big, there will be just a little cake and it will be all dirtied by all those communist ideas, mold and bookworms…

5. Reality Checkpoint

Stalin killed people by not giving them cake or anything to eat.

6. Karl Marx Monster Cake

Or maybe it’s a 50 years old child of Karl Marx and Patrick Star since it’s so pink.

7. Stalin With Blackberries – Communist Cakes Memes

8. ☭ Hammer & Sickle With Raspberries ☭

You may not recognize this communist symbol at first, but it’s there! Camouflaged in all these raspberries and biscuits.

8. Nice and Firm Stalin Cake

No nice and round circles! The real communist cake is in a rectangular shape with sharp, disciplining and hurting angles! And a firm Stalin’s look to your future home in the non-existent heaven.

Round cakes consume too much space. If you were to ship out 1,000,000 propaganda cakes to USA you would need 34 ships, whereas rectangular cakes only take 22 ships. That’s 2 fewer starving villages.

9. Sickle And Hammer Cookie Cutter

I found this cookie cutter on this website. Strangely, it’s called Quick and Simple Cookie Cutter Holiday and Christmas Cards.

hammer and sickle cookie cutter

10. Kim Jong -un Cake with Tea

Drinking tea, eating world leaders. It’s a nice afternoon!

Cakes decorated to look like US President Barack Obama, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and German Chancellor Angela Merkel Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

11. Kim Jong-un On A Horse Cake


12. Dead Lenin Cake

This is a classic. You have a youtube video where you can see these happy kids eating the Lenin cake.

People eat Lenin in Moscow Dar gallery, 1998. Viktor Velikzhanin/TASS.

13. Dead Lenin Cake Miniature

Found here on Twitter.

14. Stalin Cake Shopping

More about this event here. He was buying it for Lenin but he was drunk.

15. Karl Marx Cake With Drugged Zombie Look

Why is Marx always pink in his cake edition?

Original picture

16. Kim Jong-un Cake

So classy.

17. Boring Stalin Cake

This girl has problems with boredom. Everything is boring to her, even this non saturated Stalin cake. Almost impossible!

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