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Christmas Food Memes 2020

A bunch of funny Christmas Food Memes 2020! There are nativity scenes made of hot dogs of course! Gingerbread and Santa memes too!

1. Nativity Scene One

First we have three wise men and a hot dog. Did Jesus turn into a hot dog on this cursed 2020? Maybe! You can check our other article that explains some food and God-related stuff – Celebrities made of food – Part One.

Tree wise man and a hot dog Christmas meme
Photograph: Taylor Herring/Greggs/PA

2. Huge and Evil Gingerbread

There’s your mother!

3. Family Holiday Survival Tip

You are all gathered on a Christmas table. You haven’t seen your family in months and there you are, eating turkey, drinking wine. Your parents are in a good mood, your wife and kids too. And then, suddenly, family happens 😀

Keep this in your pocket just in case.

4. Hot Dog Nativity Scene 2

All ready for a nice family dinner!

Top of the Town Butcher and Smokehouse

5. Bleeding Gingerbread Cookies

If you want to scare your or other people’s children you are free to use this recipe.

6. Bean and Spaghetti Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

If you are interested to make a mess out of your home we suggest you use all the ideas from this page. This one in particular! Imagine having a Christmas tree decorated with this disaster! You can have a Christmas tree and a dinner for your guests at the same time! They just need to open these ornaments and eat what’s inside them with a spoon or a fork.

7. A Bunch Of Nativity Christmas Food Memes

I really like the hot dog cross on the last one! Or is it a hot dog angel?

8. Santa With Candy Cane Mohawk

Next we have the best Santa in the world!

9. Evil Elf on the Shelf

He’s responsible for pandemic as well.

10. Aaron Keeling’s Gingerbread Shining

What a masterpiece! More of his work can be found here.

11. Bonus Image

She just wanted something from Frozen for Christmas but she got frozen peas. Oh no. Seeds for the next Hitler: Planted.

In the end, here’s another Christmas related article from our website – Weird Vintage Christmas Cards

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