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1. Sexy Bacon King

Sexy Food Prince first candidate! He’s got it all! Lots of bacon, big bed, sexy look. Romantic evening is on it’s way!

Sexy Bacon King

2. Dangerous and Spicy… Noodle Man

He can take high temperatures. He has wounds from the battle – he’s brave.
He’s even brave enough to put that sexy wounded body into salty and spicy water. A true port warrior!
Clean and smells nice. Can’t live without truffle ramen? Retired after decades of monster-slaying, his pockets are full of gold and he’ll bring as much truffle ramen to the table as you need.

Noodle Man

3. Hungry but Lovable

If you are into older men from the country, this is a choice for you.

If you aren’t into older men from the country, this isn’t a choice for you.
He’s easy to maintain: For example, as we can see from the picture, he loves to eat empty spaghetti. He doesn’t even need a table. Or a house, for that matter. A+++

Hungry but Lovable

4. The Guy From the Mouth Relaxer© Commercial

If you are into famous guys, this is a choice for you.
Since he’s using this Mouth Relaxer©, we can conclude he’s a calm man who knows what he wants from life.
He uses this product a lot, so he doesn’t talk much. So, there’s a chance for you to talk all you want!

Mouth relaxer
Guy from the Mouth Relaxer Commercial

5. He’s not Real but has a Sexy Butt

He’ll die soon. If that’s your thing, go for it.
Keep him in the fridge for a while, use him while you can, and then you dump him. A real boy-toy.
Knows how to Dance

Not Real but Sexy Butt

6. Dark and Smart

Looks like a mutant but will take you on an intellectual journey.

Dark and Smart – Toastoyevsky

7. Yes, Please, Romance!

Doesn’t have hands.

Yes, Please, Romance!

8. OCD and Sensitive

You can take care of him like he’s a little puppy!

Ocd and Sensitive

9. I’ll take Three Hot Dogs

For dangerous women who are in the Mob, probably. And into the gang. Bang!

I’ll take Three Hot Dogs, made by Sen Lai

10. Weird but Sexy

The fun never stops with this guy! He likes to collects bugs and old video tapes of people’s weddings that
he finds on a flea market so if you are up to that stuff you should vote for this gem.

Weird but Sexy

Please, choose wisely your sexy food prince.

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