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Celebrities Made of Food – Part Two

In a previous article about celebrities made of food, we said that there is a theoretical possibility that our Gods are made of food. Because of that, scientists from around the world gathered to make special clones of the best representatives of our species – celebrities. So, they made those clones out of food.

Each celebrity clone has special abilities that enable communication with the Gods. You can read the entire Part One article here.

If all this seems like science fiction to you – Gods made of food, blah, blah, blah – just remember: Jesus died and now he’s appearing around the world to his believers as FOOD – bread and wine. Just think about it! It makes sense for all these scientists to lose their lives on researching how to make celebrity food clones. It’s for the greater good! Humans can’t talk to food or food Gods. Bud humans made of food can do that.

So, here’s new ten celebrities made of food all with their special powers!

1. Superman Cake

This is actually Superman’s illegitimate Indian child. He did not want to be a part of the project, so the scientist had to find someone with his genes.

2. KISS as Hot Dogs

Some Gods have weird taste in music so KISS is in their domain.

I was made for eating you, baby

3. Scrambled Eggs Rihanna

This is all edible Rihanna – 100% made of scrambled eggs. It’s not just the dress.

4. Onion Whoopi Goldberg

This one is kept in pockets of every food clones’ pants or jackets. It’s the equivalent of pepper spray people use for defense. When some crazy food God decides to be rude, uncivilized, or violent, our food clones can throw onion Whoppi Goldberg into their faces and hope everything turns out fine in the end.

5. Novak Djokovic Sandwich

You have to put a Serb into the expedition. Having a member of heavenly and almighty people is certainly a plus. There are even some indicators that Nikola Tesla is still alive and well and some would say he should be sent to this important mission. Others will disagree. Tennis is the favorite sport of the food Gods. They use eggs instead of balls.
If you are interested in more info about Nikola Tesla being alive, please message me on Facebook or through the contact page of this website.

6. Six Pack of World Leaders

Set of objects for self-defense. These are actually bombs with all the world leader’s power in them. You can find them originally made here.

7. Celebrities Made of Food – Bun Jovi

This is for teenage Gods. It’s a version with pimples (sesame seeds), so Bun Jovi Teenage version.

8. Dalai Lama Egg

Dalai Lama is made as a tennis instructor for this project. With his mental abilities, calmness, and knowledge of tennis techniques (Courtesy of Djokovic), he can teach the Gods (who play tennis with eggs, remember) how to play tennis the best way in the universe. We hope that they don’t smash his head, though.

9. Picolas Cage

10. Putin Mask

This is a universal mask that any celebrity can put on as their face. It also protects from viruses and gives them superpowers of the president of Russia.

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