Celebrities Made of Food – Part One

Celebrities Made of Food – Ten Pictures Compilation

Celebrities are special representatives of the human species. Because of that, all the food scientists from around the world gathered to make copies of celebrities out of food. These copies are really important because there is a big possibility that the gods that hold all the power over our destinies are also made of food. So, if those “gods” sometimes decide to communicate with us, regular mortals, it would have to be trough food celebrities, which are the perfect examples of us, the feeble people. They are perfect for this task because they are:

  1. Made of food
  2. Of the same substance as possible gods.

Well, having cleared that, we can now look at the chosen ones.

1. Oreo Oprah

She will talk to the Gods and make eternal holy TV shows about moving stories from their eternal lives.

2. Hitler Cake

This is a sweetened version of the evilest representative of humans. When scientists turned him into food (cake) they softened his nature. Therefore, in this version, he’s simply the best and also full of strawberries. They had to drug him a little to achieve this so he’s constantly smoking joints.

3. Jesus Eating a Hot Dog

You may think this is not a person turned into food, but you are wrong. This is never-ending eating of a hot dog. Jesus is frozen in time eating his hot dog. Inseparable from his hot dog, he is a part of it and it is a part of him. And since his mouth is full and busy, he’s communicating through mind reading.

4. Lasagna Del Rey x 2

She’s going to sing at the peacemaking gatherings. Jaimie Warren made the first Lasagna Del Rey and the second one just appeared (if you know who made it, feel free to contact us so we can credit them!). Jaimie made a lot of these creatures but just Lasagna made it to the gods communication crew (GCC). You can check his work on his website here.

5. Justin Timberlake Turned Into Ramen Noodles

He just had to enter the chosen ones. In the world of Food-Gods, the Ramen bricks are considered gold. Edible gold, of course. Food-Gods have to eat something, right? And they eat the most nutritious and the best food in that part of the universe. So, unfortunately, Justin will have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

6. Amy Winehouse Turned Into Boiled Noodles

She’s going to be eaten too. The Gods need male and female noodles so that their cells can reproduce. Amen.

7. Justin Bieber as Roasted Chicken

You wouldn’t believe how Justin Chicken sings! The mankind will sure be in the mercy of the Gods, once they hear his bird song.

8. Kim Kardashian With Rice Butt

Something to please the other kind of Gods.

9. Batman Ugly Cake – Still Superstrong Even Without the Body!

People have to send someone to protect their interests. Someone strong and with a sense of justice. So, they decided to send Batman’s head. He’s still strong, don’t worry. His magnificent chin compensates for the rest of the body.

10. Trump Sandwich – Superstrong

Let’s get real, we need a true protector. Batman is not enough. So, we are sending the strongest one of us! We thank the savior of mankind, artist Asier Sanz, for making the protector of the realm. Asier made a lot of Trumps, don’t worry. If food Gods kill this one, he has a lot more Trumps with different specifications, but each and every one of them is packed with deadly potassium nitrite. You can browse them on his website.

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