Cats Stealing Food Pictures

A collection of funny cats stealing food pictures. I’ll upload part two soon 🙂

1. Cat Stole The Whole Chicken

It takes passion and courage to steal chicken this big. And from the neighbors too. We could all learn about devotion to true causes from this hero cat.

Cat stole whole chicken

2. Oh, no, Please, Don’t Microwave This Kitty

kitty stole cheeseburger

3. Cat Causes Suffering in Dad’s Heart

Yes, by stealing him a sandwich. Look at the tragedy on his face. The face of tragedy.

4. Cat Stealing Giant Piece of Meat From a Store

She’s going to make it, I just know it 😀

cat stealing from store

5. Crazy Russian Cat Thief Video

This aggressive cat steals and devours everything from his helpless human!

6. Cat Stealing Human’s Food With a Speed of Light

Careful human, it will take you everything and disappear before you put your surprised and horrified face.

7. Cats Stealing Food Pictures – I’m a Sausage King!

Look how proud of her theft she is!

Power Pose Cat

8. Aw, I Believe Her

cat stealing food

9. Tragedy of Taking a Cake From Someone

I will not surrender human!

10. Sweet Cat Angel Stole an Egg

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