Cats And Watermelons Memes – Cats as Watermelon Masters

Cats and Watermelons Memes, a Love Story

Cats love food. Even the food that is inedible by their species. They especially like watermelons. So, here you can find a few cats and watermelons memes. Cats and watermelons form a special kind of love. In the next few images, you will see where that love leads – to some sort of neurotic and delusional behavior.

The idea of watermelons seems so overwhelming to them, they imagine that they are leaders of some sort of watermelon armies. Or they imagine that they own a brothel of watermelons disguised as regular watermelon shop. Objectively speaking – they just stand in front of a bunch of watermelons. But in their world, they are secretly masterminds going through some kind of sick watermelon eugenics to get the perfect watermelons which they will sell, rent or take the best ones to drink their watermelon blood for eternal beauty, power and immortality. Some cats only exhibit neurotic watermelon behavior. But they all have something in common, they all look like they are ultimate watermelon masters!!!

1. Angry Crazy Watermellon Cat Boss

You can easily replace the picture of Hitler with this cat and barely see the difference.

2. Angry Cat Selling Watermelons – Cats and watermelons memes

Yes! I am a watermelon seller. My name is Pearl and I take my job seriously. You can’t trick me. I know the value of these watermelons. They are under my protection!

Everything must follow the regulations I’ve been making up since 2015. Yes slaves, do your job!

Watching the watermelon fields to make sure they are growing properly.

Relaxing after the day of hard work selling and watching the watermelons grow.

If you wish to buy some watermelons or rent them for some fun watermelon time, my Facebook profile is here.

3. Before and After Watermelons

Next we have this! Devouring the object of your love so you become the object of your love. Or a super cat with the powers of the cat and watermelon combined. Who could stop such a beast?

4. A Perfect Being… Final Metamorphosis. Eternal Force.

After devouring the object of your desire and love some cats get so much power and they are transformed into the new form. They are then preserved as eternal beings. Mummified like their cat ancestors in ancient Egypt. They now represent the essence of beauty in one indestructible material display. Shining through the time, but frozen and everlasting. Timespace is my whip, my eternal majesty will remain.

5. Beauty Effects of Watermelons on Cats

Some cats are not interested in magic and divine aspects of watermelons. They just want the makeup part.

Or check out this beauty

6. I’ve Eaten One Watermelon but There’s Another One

Do I have the strength to be a double watermelon cat?

7. What’s Wrong With You Buddy?

For other species it’s hard to understand this behaviour.

8. Seymour is not a Liar and He is not Hallucinating!

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