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Food and the Absurd

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Absurd. It’s the worldview that sees life as meaningless and stuff. And without meaning, everything is possible, even food art, and other stuff like this <3

1. The Horrors of Capitalism

Art piece by an unknown artist. It’s many levels deep. At the bottom of the painting, we see an innocent man who surrenders to forces much stronger than he is. He knows – every rebellion is futile, but, he’s heroically swallowing the hamburger centipede. You can see from the expression around his eyes that he just wants to get over with it. He will swallow the burgers and then, like Sisyphus, he can enjoy the freedom until the next soul-and-throat-hamburger-raping®.

Then, we can see some light and shadow playing, the hamburger-raped-man and the area around him are in the shadow, while the clown is in the light. We guess there is maybe a camera flash turned on, which makes us conclude that the act of rape isn’t even private, it’s for everyone to see. We are the spectators of multiple horrors around us; like the raped man, there is nothing much we can do.

2. Egg City

Here’s another hero of the absurd. Yes, you can spend a year making an egg city for no reason. <3

3. Bart and Lisa Omelet

Absurd heroes can also scream sometimes.

4. Absurd Food No4

When faced with the absurd everything is equally absurd so there’s no difference in making cherry juice or carbonated egg wets for your children.

5. Married with Pizza

You can also marry a pizza. The universe doesn’t care.

6. Snickers Sneakers

Are those snickers sneakers or snickers feet? It doesn’t really matter.

7. Absurd Food – Ice-cream

What is the purpose of this?

8. Old Rotten Potato Slurry

Who came up with cows anyway? Why do cows exist? Why do potatoes or old rotten potato slurry exist exist?

9. Worm.

Oh, this is just a magnified version of a worm that will eat you once you are dead and buried after you’ve accomplished nothing in an indifferent Universe that gives birth to the Absurd through your yearning for meaning and his (the Universes’) ultimate indifference. At least the worm is happy. And really cute.

10. Chicken Pizza New Level

Level: Absurd 32.

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