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10 Art Paintings With People Holding Hot Dogs – Photoshopped Hot Dogs instead of other stuff. Classicism, Romanticism mostly, and hot dogs.

1. Love’s Shadow

First we have a painting by Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys. In the original she’s trying to eat the flowers but we gave her a hot dog instead. You can’t eat flowers, girl. I know you are angry because he’s not texting you back and you think he’s cheating on you with the lady who sells ice cream down the block but eating flowers won’t solve anything.

2. Girl Smelling A Hot Dog

Or in the original – First Rose – girl with flower by portrait artist James Christensen.

She’s a picky eater. Is this hot dog good or not?

3. Children’s Games (detail) (With Hot Dog)

Next we have a part of the picture by Pieter Bruegel the Elder from 1559. This hardly looks like a children game to me, even without the hot dog. These “children” look like shrunk adults with osteoporosis. In the original they are chasing some dark matter on a stick so I put them a hot dog instead of that to make the picture a little bit lighter.

4. A pillar-biter – Paintings With Hot Dogs

Another image from Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It’s also a detail from a picture called Netherlandish Proverbs from 1559. It’s just perfect for placing a hot dog.

5. Saturn Devouring His Hot Dog

I don’t understand why he screams in such agony… Like he’s devouring his own son and not this delicious hot dog?

6.Etienne Adolphe Piot – Girl With a Hot Dog – Paintings With Hot Dogs

A delicate painting of a French artist Etienne Adolphe Piot from the 19th century.

7. Fishing for a Hot Dog

Believe it or not, this is a real photo taken in 1973 by Jonathan Blair. Of course, in the original, the statue wasn’t fishing for hot dogs but for old ladies in swimsuits but it’s equally funny. It was published in National Geography and you can find it here.

8. Portrait of Gerard Andriesz Bicker with a Hot Dog

The world’s greatest hot dog lover from the XV century.

9. John William Waterhouse – The Soul of the Hot Dog

10. Rubens – The Incredulity of St Thomas (He can’t believe the enormous Hot Dog)

This is really suspicious! Who’s this guy and where did he find this hot dog? And why is he undressed????

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